LONGER - Dispensing controller

LONGER - Dispensing controller

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Model/Product no.: LP-FK-1C
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This dispensing controller can be combined with a number of peristaltic pumps from LONGER, so that they operate as automatic dispensing pumps. 


  • Dispensing time: 0-99.99 sec
  • Pause time: 0-99.99 sec
  • Time resolution: 0.01 sec
  • Work mode: Single or multiple
  • Internal count range: 0-999, count up or count down
  • External count range: 0-999999, 0 means unlimited cycle
  • External Start/Stop signal input: Open circuit
  • Memory function: When starting the controller, the user can choose whether to continue in accordance with the state before the power-down
  • Power supply: AC 220V/5W  

Compatible Pumps

LP-BT100-2J, LP-BT300-2J, LP-BT600-2J, LP-WT600-2J, LP-WT600-3J og LP-YT600-1J