Adapter System

Adapter system for dispensing syringes and cartridges

Adapter system for dispensing barrels and 310 ml cartridges with 1/4 "NPT thread and luer lock system.


  1. Filling dispensing syringe from 310 ml cartridge
  2. Mounting of dispensing needle on 310 ml cartridge
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preload spinner


Filling a dispensing barrel with 310 ml cartridge

When filling a dispensing barrel with the product from a 310 ml cartridge, you need to use a fitting with a ¼” NPT thread, whereby the fitting allows the luer lock system to screw the two parts together. 

By pushing the product out of the 310 ml cartridge with a manual or automatic dispenser you are able to fill the dispensing barrel with the product.
Make sure that the plunger of your dispensing barrel is pressed all the way down to avoid air in the material when it is transferred.

Fyldning af dispenseringssprøjte med 310 ml patron

Installation of a dispensing tip on a 310 ml cartridge

By using a fitting with external ¼” NPT thread and luer lock system, it is possible to mount a dispensing needle on a 310 ml cartridge.
This fitting can be used in different contexts depending on your application.

Montering dispenseringsnål på 310 ml patron