Precision balances

Large selection of high quality professional precision balances for laboratory and light industry

RADWAG digital precision scales can be used in almost all laboratories as laboratory scales and for scales in light industry. With a readability down to 3 decimal places (0.001 g) and with a maximum weighing capacity of up to 120 kg, the precision scales meet the demands and needs of the vast majority of users. A precision balance is the most popular laboratory balance as it guarantees an accurate, reliable measurement and error-free operation for a long time. The user-friendliness of the precision scale makes it easy to operate.

Precision scales have many different functions, and with most of them you can achieve weighing results with divisions/readability down to 0.01 g.

The popular precision scale X2 has an easy-to-use display where you can customize the touch screen with some of the functions you use most often. The X2 precision scales are available in many different versions.

The precision scales that have been verified are in class II (class 2). They can be calibrated with F1 calibration weights.

RADWAG's precision scales are divided into three levels:

  • Professional - for the most demanding applications
  • Advanced - designed for most processes. With editable databases.
  • Standard - for popular solutions


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Precision scales at a good price and quick weighings

Many people use precision scales for quick weighing. With the vast majority of Radwag precision scales, you have these functions in addition to the normal weighing:

  • dosage,
  • percentage weighting,
  • accumulated weighing,
  • counting scale,
  • peak hold function,
  • statistics,
  • checkweighing,
  • GLP procedures,
  • weighing animals,
  • mass determination.

Therefore, the precision balance is a good tool as a laboratory balance. And the price matches the good quality of the scale.