Dispensing & Filling Systems

A filling system can fill packaging with a fixed amount of liquid. A filling systems consist of several filling units with integrated peristaltic pumps. With the controller you can control up to 16 or 32 filling units, depending on the type of filling system. 

Filling systems can be used for wide range of applications, such as

  • in the food industry where packages are filled with milk, juice or water.
  • in the pharmaceutical industry, where sterile medical packages can be filled with vaccines, sterile injections or oral drugs.
  • in the cosmetics industry, where containers are filled with skin care liquids or detergents.

LONGER and Shenchen have a large selection of dosing and filling systems, as you can see in their catalogs below.


SHENCHEN Catalog 2023 - PDF
LONGER Catalog 2023 - PDF


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There are many different filling systems for filling packaging with a fixed amount of liquid as you can see in the videos below. 

Peristaltic pump filling system for microporous plate

Peristaltic filling system for industrial use

Programmable Filling Systems  - PDS systems

If you need a customized solution (OCM), where different amounts need to be dosed through each channel, we can also help with this.

Functions and features

  • One controller can control a maximum of 8 pump units
  • Each pump unit can have the same or different pump heads installed
  • 4 different working modes
    • Logic working mode - each unit working coorperatively. Filling or transferring in order with same of different volumes for automatic mixing.
    • Independent working mode - For filling different volumes with each filling unit.
    • Independent and step filling working mode - This function is suitable for preventing foaming and fluid splashing.
    • Comprehensive working mode includes all of the above functions.

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