Dispensing Tips

The dispensing tips and dispensing nozzles from Drifton can be used for most dispensing applications.

See our range of dispensing tips and nozzles below.


preload spinner

preload spinner


The dispensing tips are available in different lengths, gauges (often colour-coded) and variants, such as stainless steel precision tips (also available as bent or angled tips) smooth flow tapered tips, flexible tips, oval tips (for flat ribbon deposits), PTFE (Teflon) lined tips, brush tips and different kinds of metallic tips.

The industrial grade dispensing tips are silicone free, and can be used in many applications such as adhesive fastening, coating, priming, potting, spreading (brush), marking and sealing.

Whether the dispensing tips are used with tubing adapters, syringe barrels, pneumatic dispensers, dispensing valves or together with a robot, you will achieve a quick and secure attachment with the Luer Lock connection.

Luer Lock Thread

Luer Lock is an industry standard tapered termination utilized by most syringe manufacturers. Luer Lock needles are common because their design is controlled by a series of universal standards which guarantees compatibility between manufacturers. The tip hubs are color coded by size to help identify the gauge or internal diameter.


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