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Standard Pump Tubing

Drifton offers a wide range of Tygon tubing for peristaltic pumps, all of which are designed to meet specific user needs. You can choose whether the tubing should be resistant to temperature, abrasion, chemicals and permeation.
Read more about choosing the right tubing for your application at the bottom of the page.

Read more about the tubing size selection in our guide.


You should always test the tubing with your chemicals before using it in your production. Temperature, pressure and concentrations can affect the shelf life.

Drifton and our pump suppliers are not responsible for any damage to the pump in the event of a tubing leak.

Chemical Resistance

ISMATEC and Masterflex Pump Tubing Selection Guide - PDF


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Tubing specifications

WT - Wall thickness
ID - Inner diameter
OD - Outer diameter

Max. Operating Pressure

ID WT Tygon LFL PharMed Tygon Silkone

6.4 mm

3.2 mm 3.0 bar 1.3 bar

0.6 bar

9.5 mm

3.2 mm 2.2 bar 0.9 bar

0.5 bar

12.7 mm

3.2 mm 1.8 bar 0.8 bar

0.4 bar

15.9 mm

3.2 mm 1.5 bar 0.6 bar

0.3 bar

(Information supplied by the tubing manufacturers)