Stainless Steel Dispensing Tips

With the stainless steel precision dispensing tips from Drifton you get a good quality blunt stainless needle fitted in a polypropylene hub with a double threaded universal luer lock thread for secure attachment to syringe barrels or dispensing valves. 

These passivated stainless steel dispensing tips comes in many sizes and can be used for a wide range of fluids and applications.


preload spinner

preload spinner


The quality stainless steel dispensing tips from Drifton are burr-free with an electro-polished cannula for an accurate and consistent flow.
The stainless steel precision dispensing tips are free from silicone and chloride.

Sizes of stainless steel dispensing tips

Gauge   Colour ID mm OD mm 6.35 mm (0.25") 7.94 mm (5/16") 12.7 mm (0.5") 25.4 mm (1.0") 38.1 mm (1.5")
14G   Olive 1.50 1.82 PT-025-14 PT-03125-14 PT-050-14 PT-100-14 PT-150-14
15G   Amber 1.37 1.82 PT-025-15 PT-03125-15 PT-050-15 PT-100-15 PT-150-15
16G   Grey 1.20 1.65 N/A N/A PT-050-16 PT-100-16 N/A
17G   White 1.04 1.50 N/A N/A PT-050-17 N/A N/A
18G   Green 0.84 1.27 PT-025-18 PT-03125-18 PT-050-18 PT-100-18 PT-150-18
19G   Black 0.70 1.05 N/A N/A PT-050-19 N/A N/A
20G   Pink 0.60 0.91 PT-025-20 PT-03125-20 PT-050-20 PT-100-20 PT-150-20
21G   Purple 0.51 0.82 PT-025-21 PT-03125-21 PT-050-21 PT-100-21 PT-150-21
22G   Blue 0.41 0.71 PT-025-22 PT-03125-22 PT-050-22 PT-100-22 PT-150-22
23G   Orange 0.33 0.64 PT-025-23 PT-03125-23 PT-050-23 PT-100-23 PT-150-23
24G   Light blue 0.30 0.56 N/A N/A PT-050-24 N/A N/A
25G   Red 0.25 0.51 PT-025-25 PT-03125-25 PT-050-25 PT-100-25 PT-150-25
26G   Peach 0.24 0.45 N/A N/A PT-050-26 N/A N/A
27G   Clear 0.20 0.41 PT-025-27 PT-03125-27 PT-050-27 PT-100-27 PT-150-27
28G   White grey 0.19 0.39 N/A N/A PT-050-28 N/A N/A
30G   Lavender 0.15 0.31 PT-025-30 PT-03125-30 PT-050-30 PT-100-30 PT-150-30
32G   Yellow 0.10 0.25 PT-025-32 PT-03125-132 PT-050-32 N/A N/A

ID = Inner Diameter
OD = Outer Diameter