Tubing with Stops

Below you will find a wide selection of 2- and 3-stop color-coded pump tubing for use with multi-channel pump heads on peristaltic pumps.

Pump tubing comes in various formulations for almost any pumping application. Three pre-attached tubing stops give you two sections - when one section of tubing fatigues, a fresh section is ready to use.

The stops on the three-stop tubing are color-coded according to tubing ID (inner diameter). The three-stop tubing can be used with minicartridge pump heads, like e.g, Ismatec MS/CA LONGER DG or Shenchen MC/AMC. 

Minicartridges withstand pressures up to 22 psi (1.5 bar).

All of these 2- and 3-stop Autoanalysis Tubing (TAAT) has a distance of 72 mm between the retaining stops. 

Chemical Resistance

ISMATEC and Masterflex Pump Tubing Selection Guide - PDF

Tygon Microbore Tubing Catalog - PDF


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Tubing Specifications

WT - Wall Thickness
ID - Inner diameter
OD - Outer diameter

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