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Flexible Plastic Tube Dispensing Tips

The flexible plastic tube tips from Drifton are all silicone and chloride-free and are made of polypropylene tube that prevents scratching and damage to substrates.

They are suitable for accessing hard-to-reach areas such as along edges and around corners.


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Flexible plastic tube dispensing tips with luer lock for hard-to-reach areas and gentle dispensing.

You can use the plastic tube dispensing tip as a customisable dispensing needle by cutting the length.
By using the flexible plastic tube tip with cyanoacrylates it is possible to prevent clogging.

Sizes of Plastic Tube Dispensing Tips

Gauge   Colour ID mm (+/-0.02 mm) OD mm (+/-0.02 mm) 12.7mm (0.5") 25.4mm (1.0") 38.1mm (1.5")
14G   Olive 1.55 2.03 PFTT-050-14 PFTT-100-14 PFTT-150-14
15G   Amber 1.30 1.80 PFTT-050-15 PFTT-100-15 PFTT-150-15
18G   Green 0.84 1.35 PFTT-050-18 PFTT-100-18 PFTT-150-18
20G   Pink 0.60 1.02 PFTT-050-20 PFTT-100-20 PFTT-150-20
21G   Purple 0.50 0.91 PFTT-050-21 PFTT-100-21 PFTT-150-21
22G   Blue 0.41 0.81 PFTT-050-22 PFTT-100-22 PFTT-150-22
25G   Red 0.32 0.81 PFTT-050-25 PFTT-100-25 PFTT-150-25

ID = Inner Diameter
OD = Outer Diameter