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Drifton offers a large selection of syringe pumps that are cost-effective and easy-to-use high precision dosing pumps designed for use in laboratory environments.

A syringe pump or syringe driver is a small infusion pump (some have infusion and withdrawal capabilities), used to gradually administer small amounts of fluid, e.g. in chemical and biomedical research.

Although your desired syringe pump is not in stock, can be delivered in about two weeks.

Catalogues with syringe pumps

Laboratorial and Industrial Syringe Pumps - LONGER
Laboratorial and Industrial Syringe Pumps - DK INFUSETEK


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Drifton A/S is the European distributor of syringe pumps from LONGER (LongerPump) and DK Infusetek.


Syringe pumps are also useful in microfluidic applications, such as micro reactor design and testing, and also in chemistry for slow incorporation of a fixed volume of fluid into a solution.

Features (LONGER Syringe Pumps)

  • All the syringe pumps have LCD displays for easy operation and information display. 
  • The laboratorial syringe pumps have integrated or separated structure.
  • The RS485 communication interface is standard on all of the syringe pumps.
  • We can supply 1-10 channel syringe pumps and from small syringes containing 5 µl up to 140 ml.

Videos of the syringe pumps



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