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Syringe Barrel Pistons

The syringe barrel pistons from Drifton are designed to ensure even pressure across the fluid surface in the syringe barrel to provide consistent dispensing and prevent air entrapment.
The pistons also create a seal that prevents dripping and eliminates material waste by wiping the syringe barrel wall clean as fluid is dispensed.
The syringe barrel pistons are precision moulded in three different styles to satisfy a wide range of dispensing requirements.


preload spinner

preload spinner

Types of Syringe Piston

White standard wiper syringe piston

Our general purpose piston used for most fluids.
When dispensing cyanoacrylate in gel form this white standard piston must be used.

Blue LV wiper syringe piston

The blue LV piston has a tighter fit and is used for cyanoacrylates and other very low viscosity fluids to prevent leakage.

Important: The blue LV piston should only just be put into the syringe barrel and may not touch the medium. A small hole in the piston allows the air to pass, thereby applying pressure and vacuum on the media. Before the orange end cap is removed, the syringe barrel should be placed on the adapter head and the adapter hose must be closed with a closure clip. The vacuum function on the dispensing device must be set to approximately 1 bar vacuum. If this is not the case, the container will start to drip as soon as the orange sealing cap is removed. 

Orange/red straight-wall syringe piston

A tight fitting piston for use with volumetric dispensers, mechanical dispensing equipment and recommended for reduced stringing and “bouncing” when dispensing high viscosity air-entrapped products.

Sizes of Syringe Pistons

Size White standard 
wiper piston
Blue LV wiper 
piston for tight fit
Orange/red piston
with straight walls
3cc W-SP-3 B-LVP-3 R-SP-3
5cc W-SP-5 B-LVP-5 R-SP-5
10cc W-SP-10 B-LVP-10 R-SP-10
30cc W-SP-30 B-LVP-30 R-SP-30
55cc W-SP-30 B-LVP-30 R-SP-30