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Flow Rate Peristaltic Pumps

Our selection of peristaltic flow rate pumps are capable of dispensing very small and relatively large amounts of liquid. You can choose between pump heads with one or up to 24 channels.

On the peristaltic pumps from LONGER you can choose whether you want to dispense based on ml/min or rpm. The speed is 0,1 - 100 rpm.

The peristaltic flow rate pumps from SHENCHEN gives you beyond this feature also dispensing function, so you can set the volume and time. The speed range from 0.1 - 600 rpm.

Once you have selected a pump below, you can configure it with the pump head that best suits your purpose.

If your desired configuration is not available, you can still order the desired setup. If we do not have the components in stock, we will make sure to order it for you.

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All products are CE certified.

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