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Dispensing & Filling Systems

A filling system is a kind of packaging machine that fills packaging with a fixed amount of liquid.

Filling systems can be used for wide range of applications, such as in the food industry where packages are filled with milk, juice or water, or in the pharmaceutical industry, where sterile medical packages can be filled with vaccines, sterile injections or oral drugs; and in the cosmetics industry, where containers filled with skin care liquids or detergents.

LONGER and Shenchen have a large selection of dosing and filling systems, as you can see in their catalogs below.


LONGER Catalog - PDF 


Please contact us if you have questions or need guidance on the right solution!

Filling Systems for filling packaging with a fixed amount of liquid.


If you need a custom-made solution (OCM), where different amounts need to be dosed through each channel, SHENCHEN can also help with this.

Please send us your requirements and we will help you find the right solution.