Mini Centrifuge

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Mini Centrifuge

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Modern and compact laboratory centrifuge

For centrifuge of multiple samples up to 2 ml at the same time. Inclusive 2 holders for either 8 or 16 samples.


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Model/Product no.: 5000.EU.01
Stock status: in stock / 2pcs.

GLASSCO Mini Centrifuge

The mini-centrifuge 5000.EU.01 is a modern and compact laboratory centrifuge. Its structure guarantees ease of service, safe work and a wide range of use in medical, biochemical and other laboratories. The centrifuge is equipped with two rotors, one for the mini-test tubes with a capacity of 0.2 / 0.5 / 2.0 ml, the other for the test tubes for PCR in the form of strips with a capacity of 0.2 ml and the adapters for the specimens of the capacity of 2 ml. The rotor for the specimens in strips is intended to centrifuge two test strips 8 x 0.2 ml / 2.0ml. Both rotors are intended for applications that require relatively low gravitational forces, ie microfiltration, separation of cells and rapid centrifugation of the walls of the specimens.

Product Features

  • Patented high tech motor causes low working noise
  • Produce low vibration with advanced shock absorbers
  • Compact design that can carry a higher volume of 2 ml x 8 places
  • Easy replacement of rotor
  • Maximum relative centrifugal force up to 3260G
  • Fast stopping in 15 seconds with cover breaking time of 3 seconds.
  • Spatial shape for 360° rotation. Low windage resistance with slow temperature increase.
  • Filtration and voltage regulation function provides smooth running of unit and causes low rotation difference.

Included accessories for rotor selection

  • 5000.303.01: 2ml x 8, 0.5ml, 0.2ml adapter each 8 pcs
  • 5000.303.02: 2ml x 8, 8 x 0.2ml tube strips x 2 rows

Technical Specifications

  • Body Material: Main Frame: ABS, Cover: PC, Adapter: PP, Absorber: NBR, Roller: ABS
  • Speed Range: 4000-7000 rpm
  • RCF: 810~3260 x G
  • Rotor types: Rotor, 2ml x 8 and 0.2ml x 8, 0.2ml x 8 tubes strips x 2 rows
  • Max. Capacity: 2ml x 8
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 174x157x130mm
  • Speed Control type: Constant speed
  • Driving Speed: Direct drive/vibration
  • Brake System: Dynamic
  • Acceleration Time: 90% speed in 5 seconds
  • Deceleration Time: Cover closed within 15 seconds, cover opens within 6 seconds
Weight 3.3 kg
CE marking Yes
Speed 4000-7000 rpm
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Size (Length) 157 mm
Size (Height) 130 mm
Size (Width) 174 mm
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