Basic Pump Tubing

Drifton offers a wide range of Tygon tubing for peristaltic pumps, all of which are designed to meet specific user needs. You can choose whether the tubing should be resistant to temperature, abrasion, chemicals and permeation.
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Chemical Resistance Chart

Chemical Resistance Properties of Tubing - PDF


Factors which influence the flow rates

  • Viscosity: The higher the viscosity, the lower the flow rate.
  • Suction Lift: A suction lift exists when the liquid is taken from an open to atmosphere tank where the liquid level is below the centerline of the pump suction. The higher the suction lift, the lower the flow rate. When the suction lift is more than 2 meters it will influence the flow rate noticeably.
  • Delivery Lift: The higher the delivery lift, the lower the flow rate. The delivery lift influence the flow rate less than the suction lift.
  • Tubing: New tubing has higher flow rate than older worn tubing.
  • The flow rate is linear with the revolution per minute of the drive. If the rpm increases 1 time, the flow rate increases approximately 1 time. 

Tubing Selection

  • In conditions with suction lift or pressure: Select tubing with thicker wall thickness.
  • Viscous liquids: Select tubing with thicker wall thickness and bigger inner diameter.
  • High precision requirement: Select the tubing with the smallest inner diameter that can meet the flow rate requirement.
  • Precision requirement is not very high: Select tubing with bigger inner diameter to decrease the speed of the drive which can decrease the wear of the tubing and prolong the service life of the tubing.
  • Deliver aggressive liquid or organic solvent: Use the chemical compatibility tables to choose the right material.
  • Tubing bears pressure: Thinner wall thickness bears less pressure. Tubing with bigger inner diameter bears less pressure than tubing with smaller inner diameter with the same wall thickness. The pressure bearing ability in intermittent conditions is better than in continuous conditions.

Tubing Specifications

WT - Wall Thickness
ID - Inner diameter
OD - Outer diameter

Max. Operating Pressure

ID WT Tygon LFL PharMed Tygon Silkone

6.4 mm

3.2 mm 3.0 bar 1.3 bar

0.6 bar

9.5 mm

3.2 mm 2.2 bar 0.9 bar

0.5 bar

12.7 mm

3.2 mm 1.8 bar 0.8 bar

0.4 bar

15.9 mm

3.2 mm 1.5 bar 0.6 bar

0.3 bar

(Information supplied by the tubing manufacturers)

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