Drifton 2004-DE dispenser

Drifton 2004-DE dispenser

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Model/Product no.: DRIFTON 2004-DE
Weight: 3000 kg
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Drifton 2004-DE dispenser with interval operation

For fast and controlled operation, the pneumatic Drifton 2004-DE dispenser with cyclic mode features interval operation.

The pneumatic Drifton 2004 DE dispenser has vacuum control to keep thin fluids from dripping and can be used for all kinds of fluids and applications, such as dots, beads or fillings.

The Drifton 2004 DE dispenser can be used for timed or steady operation together with a foot pedal or finger switch.

As an optional extra you can purchase a finger switch and an air fitting.


Operation specifications  
Control Pneumatic and electronic
Operating mode Manual, timed and cyclic
Leak-proof function Vacuum device
Cycle initiate Foot pedal or finger switch
Dispense time display Analog display
Air pressure display Analog display
Vacuum display None
Dispensing time 0.005-99.999 seconds/0.1-9.9 seconds
Repeatability +/- 0.01%
Frequency > 600 times/minute
Cycles (interval) time: 0.-9.9 seconds
Min. deposit 0.005 ml.
Air output 0.1 bar-7 bar
Air input 1 bar-7 bar
Basic specifications  
Standards CE approved
Power Input voltage. 110V AC or 220V AC
Operating voltage 24V DC
Operating conditions  
Temperature 5˚C to 45˚C (41˚F-113˚F)
Adapter 1 pcs (30/55cc)
Barrel stand 1 pcs
Foot pedal 1 pcs
Power cord 1 pcs
Air hose 1 pcs
Barrel/syringe 5 pcs  (30/55cc)
Tips 10 pcs

Dispensing with the Drifton 2004-DE


Weight 3 kg
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 210 mm
Size (Height) 70 mm
Size (Width) 256 mm