Syringe barrels, black

Syringe barrels, black

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Black syringe barrels

The black syringe barrels for dispensing are designed to work with industry standard equipment and are made from low friction polypropylene to ensure accuracy, repeatability and productivity.
The syringe barrels are silicone- and chloride-free.
The dispensing syringe barrels from Drifton are used together with a precision-fit syringe barrel adapter for easy and safe attachment, and a threaded tip hub for a safe and secure attachment of dispensing tips.
The colour black allows for total blockage of light when using material sensitive to light above 555 nm.

Selection of black syringe barrels

Size Black
3CC B-SB-3
5CC B-SB-5
10CC B-SB-10
30CC B-SB-30
55CC B-SB-55
Colour Black
Material Polypropylene