LP-KZ35 Pump head

LP-KZ35 Pump head

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LP-KZ35 pump head is specially designed and produced for the pharmaceutical and food industries in accordance with GMP criteria.
All the key parts are made with 304 stainless steel and tubing holders are made with PVDF. The KZ35’s surface is polished to make cleaning easier.
Its sophisticated structure ensures stable performance and easy-to-change tubing.


  • Key parts are made of 304 stainless steel suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Compression block and base are separate, which makes it easy to load the tubing.
  • Accepts sizes 73 and 82 tubing. Wide range of flow rates.
  • Two pump heads can be stacked.
  • The advantage of selecting tubing clamps: No fluid residue in the tubing
  • The advantage of selecting tubing fitting: Save on tubing costs. The low-cost tubing can be connected outside of the pump head.


 Type Tubing Max. flow rate
Housing material Tubing holder material Roller quantity Weight
 LP-KZ35 73, 82 11000 ≤600 304 stainless
PVDF 3 3.7

Choose the right tubing

Use the Flow Rate Curves (see the pictures) to select the correct tubing for your purpose.




Weight 3.7 kg
Material PVDF, Stainless Steel
CE marking Yes
Size (Width) 150 mm