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Basic Tubing

Standard tubing for tube pumps.

Please view this chemical resistance chart to find the right tubing for your application: Chemical resistance properties.

Use these measurements to select the size of the tubing:
WT - Wall Thickness
ID - Inner diameter
OD - Outer diameter
Basic Tubing

Tygon LMT-55 (15 m) tubing
Non-DEHP Tubing for Laboratory, Food & Beverage and Vacuum Applications
EUR 45.75
Tygon S3 E-LFL (7.5 m) tubing
Phtalate-free tubing with the longest service life of any clear Tygon tubing.
EUR 154.15
Tygon silicone 3350 (platinum) (7.5 m) tubing
A platinum-cured silicone tubing for sanitary transfers of sensitive fluids.
EUR 81.40
Tygon silicone (peroxide) (7.5 m) tubing
Silicone peroxide tubing mixed with organic peroxide for biological applications
EUR 86.18
Pharmed Ismaprene (7.5 m) tubing
Pharmed Ismaprene - the ideal tubing for pharmaceutical and medical applications and foodstuffs
EUR 93.77
Tygon MHSL 2001 (15 m) tubing
Transparent, plasticiser-free tubing with superior pump life which is specially designed for MEK and other aggressive solvents
EUR 100.95
Tygon F-4040-A (Tygon HC) (15 m) tubing
Special tubing for gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, cutting compounds and glycol-based coolants
EUR 67.43
Norprene A-60-G (15 m) tubing
High performance tubing for industrial use with high temperature capability and outstanding resistance to flexural fatigue
EUR 47.61
Norprene chemical (15 m)
Norprene chemical tubing is chemically resistant to acetone, MEK and other aggressive solvents
EUR 249.64
Viton® / Fluran® F-5500-A (7.5 m) tubing
A special tubing for concentrated acids and corrosive solvents
EUR 240.73

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