Drifton 2004-DG dispenser

Drifton 2004-DG dispenser

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Model/Product no.: DRIFTON 2004-DG
Weight: 3920 kg
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Drifton 2004 DG pneumatic dispenser for cartridges

Drifton 2004 DG pneumatic dispenser is designed for dispensing silicone, PU or elastomer products from cartridges.
The system is closed and ensures complete emptying of the cartridge.
This system works with 290ml / 300ml / 310ml / 315ml cartridges.

Drifton 2004 DG has the following features

  • Analog timer with an adjustment screw to adjust the dosage time
  • Vacuum control to prevent after-flow
  • Switching between automatic and manual dosing
  • Special nozzle can be ordered

Remember, you can order an air fitting if you want to connect the dispensers air input to a 1/2" hose coupling.


Operation specifications
Control: Pneumatic and electronic
Operating model: Manual and timer
Leak-proof function: Rapid emptying device
Cycle initiate: Foot pedal or finger switch
Feed systems: 310 ml/330 ml
Dispense time display: None
Air pressure display: Analog display
Vacuum display: None
Dispensing time: 0.01-31 seconds
Repeatability: +/-0.5%
Frequency: >300 times/minute
Air output: 0.1 bar-7 (bar) kgF/cm²
Air input: 7 bar dry air without lubrication
Basic specifications:
Standards: CE approved
Power: Input voltage. 110V AC or 220V AC/50 Hz
Weight: <4 kg
Dimensions: 241x210x70 mm
Operating voltage 24V DC



Operating conditions:
Temperature: 5˚C to 45˚C (41˚F-113˚F)
Humidity: 85% RH at 30˚C non-condensing


Foot pedal: 1 pcs
Power cord: 1 pcs
Air hose: 1 pcs
Cartridge chamber 1 pcs (330cc)
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 241 mm
Size (Height) 70
Size (Width) 210 mm