Tygon MHSL 2001 (6 pcs. - Tubing Length: 300 mm)

Tygon MHSL 2001 (6 pcs. - Tubing Length: 300 mm)

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Tygon MHSL 2001 micro-flow tubing for aggressive solvents

Tygon MHSL 2001 tubing is a transparent, plasticiser-free tubing with a superior pump life and is specially designed for use with MEK and other aggressive solvents.

Quantity; 6 pcs.
Length: 300 mm.
Stoppers: 2 pcs.


  • Smooth inner-bore
  • Plasticiser- and oil-free
  • Low sorption maintains fluid and tube integrity
  • Imparts nothing in pumping medium
  • No release of hazardous materials when incinerated properly



Physical properties


Operating temperature range

-73 °C to +57 °C (-100 °F to +135 °F)


Acids: Excellent
Alkaline solutions: Excellent
Solvents: Good/excellent

Meets the following standards



Autoclaving with steam, 30 minutes at 1 bar (15 psi) and 141 °C (250 °F).
Gas sterilisation with ethylene oxide.
Sterilisation with radiation up to 2.5 mrad.

Tubing life in a peristaltic pump

at 0 bar: 75 hrs


Certificates FDA
Autoclavable Yes
Size (Length) 300 mm