LP-YZ1515x Pump head

LP-YZ1515x Pump head

Price from EUR 265.40

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Pump head suitable for several tubing sizes

The LP-YZ1515x pump head makes changing the tubing quick and easy. It has automatic tubing retention and is suitable for various sizes of tubing.

The LP-YZ1515x accepts tubing with a wall thickness of 1.6 mm.

The rollers are made of quality materials with good wear properties and you can choose between a standard PESU housing or a PPS housing with excellent chemical resistance.


  • Change tubing easily and rapidly
  • Automatic tubing retention
  • Suitable for several tubing sizes
  • The rollers are made of high quality materials and have good wear
  • The housing of the pump head is perfectly structured and solid and is made of PESU or PPS


Type Max. flow rate
Speed (rpm) Tubing (#) Housing material Roller material Roller quantity Weight (Kg)
LP-YZ1515X 0,07-2200 ≤ 600 13, 14, 19, 16,
25, 17, 18
PESU Stainless
3 0,40

Note: The flow rate with 6 rollers will be 2/3 of the flow rate with 3 rollers. 


Installing the LP-YZ1515x pump head

Choose the right tubing

Use the Flow Rate Curves (see the pictures) to select the correct tubing for your purpose.

Weight 0.40 kg
Colour White, Black
Material PESU, PPS, Stainless Steel
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 53.80 mm
Size (Height) 105 mm
Size (Width) 101.80 mm