LP-KZ25 Pump head

LP-KZ25 Pump head

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High Flow Rate Pump Head 

The LP-KZ25 pump heads rigid construction allows for stacking and has good chemical compatibility and high temperature resistance.

The high quality materials form a perfect combination that offers excellent technical and service performance.

The LP-KZ25 pump head consists of a stainless steel rotor with stainless steel rollers, a transparent PC housing and a PPS compression block.

The PPS compresion block has self-lubrication function to reduce the tubing wear. And the pumps running state is visible through the transparent housing. 


  • Compression block and base can be separated which makes it easy to load the tubing
  • Pump heads are stackable
  • Compact size and a wide flow range
  • Ideal for OEM


Type Max. flow rate (ml/min) Speed (rpm) Tubing Compression block material Housing material Roller material Number of rollers  Weight
LP-KZ25 1800 ≤ 600 15 PPS PC SS 3 0.79
3500 24
5000 35
6000 36

Choose the right tubing

Use the Flow Rate Curves (see the pictures) to select the correct tubing for your purpose.

Weight 0.79 kg
Colour Black, White
Material Stainless Steel, PPS, Polycarbonate
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 66.50 mm
Size (Height) 113.2 mm
Size (Width) 128.73 mm