LP-DG15 Pump Head

LP-DG15 Pump Head

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Pump Heads Designed for Multi-Channel Fluid Transfer

LP-DG15 series pump heads are designed for medium and small flow rates through multi-channel fluid transfer.
It is easy to change and fix the tubing and the occlusion can be adjusted slightly.
The rollers are made from high-quality materials.
The pump head consists of a base, rotor assembly and easy-to-load cartridges.


  • Cartridges and base can be separated. Tubing can be loaded conveniently.
  • Suitable for several tubing sizes for a wide flow range
  • Occlusion can be adjusted slightly to meet different tubing wall thickness requirements
  • The roller material is stainless steel
  • The cartridge working surface material is POM. It is perfectly self-lubricating to reduce tubing wear abrasions


Type Max. flow rate
Tubing Cartridge
Weight (kg)
LP-DG15-24 1800 ≤600 16, 25, 17 POM SS 4 0.82
LP-DG15-28 75 ≤600 Inner diameter:
 ≤3.17 mm,
Wall thickness:
 0.8-1.0 mm, 13, 14
8 0.67
LP-DG15-48 0.67




Choose the right tubing

These pump heads use standard tubing and micro-flow tubing with stoppers.
Use the Flow Rate curves (see the pictures) to select the correct tubing for your purpose.