LP-BZ pump head

LP-BZ pump head

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Pump heads for one specific size of tubing

The pump heads from the LP-BZ-series are each made for one specific size of tubing.

The rollers are made from Stainless Steel and the housing material is Polycarbonate (PC).

In the chart below you can choose the right pump head for your application depending on flow rate and size of tubing.


Type Max. flow rate (ml/min) Speed (rpm) Tubing (#) Housing material Roller material Number of rollers Weight (kg)
LP-BZ15-13-A 150 ≤ 600 14 PC stainless steel 3 0.31
LP-BZ15-13-B  460 ≤ 600 16 PC stainless steel 3 0.31
LP-BZ15-13-C  960  ≤ 600 25 PC stainless steel 3 0.31
LP-BZ15-13-D  1600  ≤ 600 17 PC stainless steel 3 0.31
LP-BZ25-13-B  1600  ≤ 600 24 PC stainless steel 3 0.31

Choose the right tubing

Use the Flow Rate Curves (see the pictures) to select the correct tubing for your purpose.

Weight 0.31 kg
Material Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel
CE marking Yes