Shenchen MC Pump Heads

Shenchen MC Pump Heads

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Pump heads designed for small flow rates through multible channels

The pump heads in the Shenchen MC-series are designed for small flow rates and multi-channel fluid transfer.

The unique multifunctional cam structure on the MC pump heads that can not only be used for micro adjustments of the occlusion to realize fine-tuning of each channel; it can also be used to remove the cartridges from the top.
Because the gears on the MC-pump heads are smaller that on the traditional DG-pump heads, the adjustment resolution is higher.

The pump heads from the MC-series has 10 or 6 roller that are made from 304 stainless steel and the cassettes are made from POM and PVDF. More rollers reduce pulsation and flow rates slightly.

A MC pump head consists of a base, a rotor assembly and an easily dismounted cartridge that makes it easy to change and fix the tubing

The MC-series pump heads with its unique advantages are widely used in a variety of analytical instruments.

Technical Specifications

Tubing Speed 10 rolllers 6 rollers Tubing Max. pressure (Mpa)
Constant Intermittent
1x1 0,1-150 rpm 0,0046~6,90 0,053~7,95 0,1 0,1
2x1 0,0156~23,40 0,021~31,35
3x1 0,0324~48,60 0,043~64,95
0,13x0,86 0,00016~0,24 0,0000185~0,277
0,19x0,86 0,0002~0,27 0,0003~0,420
0,25x0,86 0,0003~0,480 0,0005~0,720
0,51x0,86 0,0014~2,10 0,0020~3,0
0,89x0,86 0,0039~5,85 0,0057~8,55
1,14x0,86 0,0066~9,90 0,0090~13,5
1,42x0,86 0,0093~13,95 0,0133~19,95
2,06x0,86 0,0015~22,50 0,0250~37,5
2,4x0,86 0,0212~31,80 0,0274~41,10
2,79x0,86 0,024~35,85 0,037~55,50


Material POM, PVDF, Stainless Steel
CE marking Yes