Peristaltic OEM Pumps LP-T60/WX10 Series

Peristaltic OEM Pumps LP-T60/WX10 Series

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Peristaltic OEM pumps with variable speed - LP-T60/WX10 Series

The LP-T60/WX10 peristaltic pump series combines a T60 pump drive with a WX10 pump head.

These peristaltic OEM pumps have variable speed and you can choose between multible control modes.

They are ideal for soleplate or panel installation in equipment and instruments.


 Speed  ≤ 60 rpm
 Speed resolution  0,1 rpm 
 *Direction control  Direction is controlled by external switch signal. CW when switch is open, CCW when switch is closed.
 *Start/stop control  Start/stop is controlled by external switch signal. Pump runs when switch is open, pump stops it is closed.
 *BCD dial switch speed kontrol  Speed is divided into 15 grades. BCD position 1-F corresponding to 1,3,5,8,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60 (rpm)
 *External speed control (optional)  4-20mA corresponding to 0,1-60rpm; 0-5V corresponding to 0-60rpm.
  0-10V corresponding to 0-60 rpm, 0-10kHz corresponding to 0-60 rpm.
 **Communication pump ID  Pump ID range is 1-30, 31 is broadcast address
 **Bit rate  1200dps eller 9600dps
 Tubing  ID < 3.17 mm, Wall thickness 0.8 mm - 1. mm
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  107 x 60 x 80 (mm)
 Relative humidity  < 80%
 Operating temperature  0-40 °C
 Power supply  DC11.4V-25.2V/12W 

Items with * are only available for products with dial switch and external speed control signal.
Items with ** are only available for products with RS485.

CE marking Yes
Speed ≤ 60 rpm
Operating Temperature 0-40 °C
Relative humidity < 80%
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