Peristaltic OEM Pump LP-T100/JY15-12 Series

Peristaltic OEM Pump LP-T100/JY15-12 Series

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Peristaltic OEM pumps with variable speed - LP-T100/JY15-12 series

The LP-T100/JY15-12 peristaltic pump series combines a T100 pump drive with a JY15-12 pump head.

These peristaltic OEM pumps have variable speed and you can choose between multible control modes.

They are ideal for soleplate or panel installation in equipment and instruments.


 Speed  ≤ 100 rpm
 Speed resolution  0,1 rpm 
 *Direction control  Direction is controlled by external switch signal. CW when switch is open, CCW when switch is closed.
 *Start/stop control  Start/stop is controlled by external switch signal. Pump runs when switch is open, pump stops it is closed.
 *BCD dial switch speed kontrol  Speed is divided into 15 grades. BCD position 1-F corresponding to 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,60,70,80,90,100 (rpm)
 *External speed control (optional)  4-20mA corresponding to 0,1-100rpm; 0-5V corresponding to 0-100rpm.
  0-10V corresponding to 0-100 rpm, 0-10kHz corresponding to 0-100 rpm.
 **Communication pump ID  Pump ID range is 1-30, 31 is broadcast address
 **Bit rate  1200dps eller 9600dps
 Tubing  25# (118 ml/min)
 17# (170 ml/min)
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  118 x 60 x 81 (mm)
 Relative humidity  < 80%
 Operating temperature  0-40 °C
 Power supply  DC11.4V-25.2V/12W 

Items with * are only available for products with dial switch and external speed control signal.
Items with ** are only available for products with RS485.

CE marking Yes