Peristaltic OEM Pump LP-T-S107/JY15-12

Peristaltic OEM Pump LP-T-S107/JY15-12

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Model/Product no.: LP-T-S107/JY15-12
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LP-T-S107 Peristaltic OEM pump without drive

The LP-T-S107 Peristaltic OEM pump has a JY15-12 pump head and a step motor.

This peristaltic OEM pump is ideal for soleplate or panel installation in equipment and instruments.

Soleplate installation is standard, panel installation is optional.

Pump Specifications

 Speed  ≤ 100 rpm
 Max. flow rate  170 ml/min
 Tubing  25# (118 ml/min) , 17# (170 ml/min)
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  118 x 60 x 81 (mm)
 Relative humidity  < 80%
 Operating temperature  0-40 °C

Motor Specifications

 Step angle  1,8°
 Phase  2
 Phase-voltage  6,56V
 Phase current  0,8A
 Resistance  8,2Ω ± 10%
 Inductance  13,8mH ± 20% 

Motor Port

 Line Color  Definition
 Brown A
 Orange A
 Red B
 Yellow B
CE marking Yes