Drifton 2004-DT dispenser

Drifton 2004-DT dispenser

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Model/Product no.: DRIFTON 2004-DT
Weight: 3 kg
Stock status: in stock.

Drifton 2004-DT hich precision digital pneumatic dispenser

The Drifton 2004-DT is a digital pneumatic dispenser with a dispensing time as low as 0.001 seconds.
Repeatability is +/- 0.01%, allowing for extremely uniform dispensing.
The Drifton 2004 DT digital pneumatic dispenser includes a foot pedal and you can purchase a finger switch as an optional extra.

Remember to order an air fitting to go with this one-component dispenser.


Operation specifications
Control: Pneumatic and electronic
Operating mode: Manual and timer
Leak-proof function: Vacuum device
Cycle initiate: Foot pedal, finger switch
Dispense time display: Digital display
Pneumatic pressure display: Analog display
Vacuum display: None
Dispensing time: 0.001-99.99 seconds
Repeatability: +/-0.01%
Frequency: >600 times/minute
Cycles (interval) time: 0.-9.9 seconds
Air output: 0.1 bar-7 bar
Air input: 1 bar-7 bar
Basic specifications:
Standards: CE approved
Power: Input voltage. 110V AC or 220V AC
Weight: <3 kg
Dimensions: 246x210x70 mm
Operating voltage 24V DC


Operating conditions:
Temperature: 5˚C to 45˚C (41˚F-113˚F)
Humidity: 85% RH at 30˚C non-condensing
Adapter: 1 pcs
Barrel stand: 1 pcs
Foot pedal: 1 pcs
Power cord: 1 pcs
Air hose: 1 pcs
Barrel/syringe: 5 pcs
Tips: 10 pcs

Demo of the Drifton 2004-DT pneumatic dispenser


Weight <3 kg
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 210 mm
Size (Width) 246 mm