Drifton 2000-D Dispenser

Drifton 2000-D Dispenser

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Model/Product no.: DRIFTON 2000-D
Weight: 2.2 kg
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Drifton 2000-D standard analog glue dispenser

The Drifton 2000-D is our standard analog glue dispenser that applies the liquid material from the syringe barrel with electrically controlled pneumatic pressure.  It is very easy to adjust the volume of the material by changing the timer settings, the pneumatic pressure or the gauge of the dispensing tip.
The standard analog glue dispenser has wide range of uses, and applicable liquids include materials like epoxy resin, silicone, lubricants, screw-tightening glue, anti-soldering solvent or tin paste.
To make full use of the Drifton 2000-D dispenser’s functions you are provided with one syringe adapter, 3 syringe barrels, 3 white pistons, 8 straight steel dispensing tips and 6 plastic dispensing tips together with a foot pedal.
As an optional extra you can purchase a finger switch and an air fitting.


Front of the Drifton 2000-D dispenser
Drifton 2000-D front

Back of the Drifton 2000-D dispenser
Drifton 2000-D rear

  1. Power switch: Turns unit on and off. Illuminated to indicate “ON” position.
  2. Air pressure: Controls and indicates air pressure, regulator/gauge: the dispensing circuit.
  3. Mode switch: Places the dispensing circuit in automatic or manual shot mode.
  4. Timer control: Adjust the shot of auto dispense mode.
  5. Vacuum control: Adjust the intensity of the “suck back” vacuum applied to the dispensing circuit.
  6. Dispensing outlet: Provide a quick connect receptacle for the dispensing air circuit.
  7. Foot switch: Activates the dispensing circuit.
  8. Air-in tube: High-pressure air input, 6 mm tubing
  9. Dispensing control: Four grades for the dispensing cycle time.


Operation specifications
Control: Pneumatic and electronic
Operating model: Timer control by volume
Leak-proof function: Vacuum device
Cycle initiate: Foot pedal or finger switch
Dispense time display: None
Pneumatic pressure display: Analog display
Vacuum display: None
Dispensing time: 0.01-30 seconds
Repeatability: +/- 0.05%
Frequency: 550 times/minute
Air output: 0.1 bar-5.5 bar
Air input: 0.25 bar-7 bar
Basic specifications:
Standards: CE approved
Power: Input voltage. 110V AC or 220V AC
Operating voltage 24V DC


Operating conditions:
Temperature: 5˚C to 45˚C (41˚F-113˚F)
Humidity: 85% RH at 30˚C non-condensing
Adapter 30/55 cc: 1 pcs
Barrel stand: 1 pcs
Foot pedal: 1 pcs
Power cord: 1 pcs
Air hose: 1 pcs
30cc syringe barrels: 3 pcs
White pistons 3 pcs
Straight stainless steel dispensing tips: 9 pcs
Tapered plastic dispensing tips: 5 pcs

Dispensing with the Drifton 2000-D dispenser


Weight 2.2 kg
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 235 mm
Size (Height) 63,3 mm
Size (Width) 225 mm