Syringe pump LP-LSP01-1BH

Syringe pump LP-LSP01-1BH

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Model/Product no.: LP-LSP01-1BH
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Single channel high pressure syringe pump


The LP-LSP01-1BH pump is a single channel high pressure syringe pump.

The acceptable syringes are 2.5 ml - 100 ml stainless steel syringes.

Because of the extra linear force this pump is suitable for transferring viscous fluids or delivering fluids to reactors in chemical applications.


  • Syringe size: 2.5 ml - 100 ml
  • Linear force: >450 N (45 kg)
  • Advance per micro-step:  0.156 μm (100 ml syringe 1/16 step)
  • Infusion volume per micro-step:  0.149 μl (100 ml syringe 1/16 step)
  • Max. step rate: 13867 (1/16 step)/sec
  • Min. step rate: 16 (1/16 step)/30 sec
  • Max. linear rate: 130 mm/min
  • Min. linear rate: 5 μm/min
  • Flow rates: 0.09 μl/min-124.36 ml/min
  • Accuracy: ≤±0.5% error in the condition of ≥30% of max. infusion distance
  • Setting mode: Rotary coded switch and membrane keypad
  • Display: 128×64 graphic LCD
  • Power: AC 100-240V
  • Operating condition: Temperature 5-40 °C, Relative humidity <80%
  • Dimensions: 280×250×140 (mm)
  • Weight: 6.3 kg

Functions and features

  • Syringe selection: The syringe can be selected in the manufacturer table which includes manufacturer, material and size or the inner diameter of the syringe barrel can be input directly.
  • Easy to operate: Combining big screen LCD display with a rotary encoded switch and membrane keypad makes the operation simple and prompt.
  • Work mode: Infusion, withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion and continuous.
  • Memory function: 
    • The parameters are saved in EEPROM.The parameters don't need to be reset when power returns after an interruption.
    • In flow rate mode, the pump continues running or stops according to the setting parameters when power returns after an interruption.
  • Protection function: The pump will stall and an alarm will sound when the drive structure of the pump is blocked.
  • Communication function: Computer control available through RS485 communication interface.
  • External control function: Input/output control
  • Calibration function: Acquire accurate volume through calibration.
  • Syringe protection: Adjust the syringe rest to prevent damage to the syringe.


Syringe pump Syringe Inner diameter (mm) Ref. flow rate (*/hr) Outlet pressure Linear rate (/min) Weight (kg)
LSP01-1BH 2.5 ml 4.79 5.406 µl-140.5 ml >19.48 MPa 5 µm-130 mm  6.3    
8 ml 9.53 21.399 µl-556.3 ml >5.05 MPa
20 ml 19.13 86.226 µl-2241.8 ml >1.25 MPa
50 ml 28.6 192.727 µl-5010.9 ml >0.56 MPa
100 ml 34.9 286.986 µl-7461.6 ml >0.37 MPa
Weight 6.3 kg
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 280 mm
Size (Height) 140 mm
Size (Width) 250 mm
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