Syringe Pump System LP- TS-1A/L0107-1A

Syringe Pump System LP- TS-1A/L0107-1A

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The LP- TS-1A/L0107-1A micro syringe pump system combines precision, compact size and multiple functions with ease of operation.
The system can hold a µL unit standard glass syringe.
Its accurate distance control and broad linear speed range (7.94 µm/min - 79.4 mm/min) can meet versatile requirements.
The drive units are separate, easy to install and combine.
Its vertical (horizontal) installation structure makes this pump easy to use in a micro-manipulator, or with stereotaxic instruments for various biological research applications.


  • Max. infusion distance: 70 mm
  • Acceptable glass syringe: 5 µl - 50 µl
  • Linear speed: 7.9 µm/min - 79.4 mm/min
  • Adjusting resolution: 7.9 µm/min
  • Distance resolution: 0.165 µm 
  • Linear force: > 20 N
  • Setting mode: Membrane keypad and rotary coded switch
  • Accuracy: ≤ +/- 0.5% error in the condition of ≥ 30% of max. infusion distance
  • Display: 128 x 64 graphic LCD
  • External Control: Start/stop control, fast forward control, fast reverse control
  • Communication interface: RS485
  • Power: AC 100V-240V or DC 12V
  • Power consumption: < 40W
  • Operating condition: Temperature 0-40 °C
  • Relative humidity: < 80 %
  • Controller dimensions (LxWxH): 170×108×65 (mm)
  • Controller weight: 0.8 kg
  • Drive unit dimensions (L×W×H): 180×46×78 (mm)
  • Drive unit weight: 0.6 kg
  • IP rating: IP21 

Functions and features

  • Running parameters setting: The parameters of each channel can be different.
  • Start setting: Each drive unit can be controlled separately or four drive units can be controlled to run simultaneously or run at different times.
  • Channel copy: All drive units can run according to the parameters of one of them
  • Delaying start-up: Delaying the start-up time of each channel can be controlled separately
  • Memory function: Select resume operation or remain stopped when power returns after an interruption
  • Block protection: When one drive unit stops accidentally, the system will heat up and stop
  • Working mode: Infusion
  • External control: Start/stop input control signal, or pulse mode, to switch between start and stop modes. Each channel has a two-way OC gate output to indicate the start/stop and direction of the channel
  • Communication: Computer control available through RS485 communication interface

Main functions for each channel

  • Syringe selection: The syringe can be selected in the built-in manufacturer table that contains the manufacturer, material and size
  • User-defined glass syringe: Save 4 inner diameters of user-defined glass syringe barrel
  • Parameters setting: Set dispensing volume, infusion time, pause time and copy number
  • Display mode selection: Different parameters (volume, flow rate, linear speed) can be selected in the main display interface
  • Fast forward & fast reverse: Infusion or withdrawal at the max. speed
  • Calibration: Acquire accurate volume through calibration.


Syringe pump  Glass syringe (µl) Barrel inner
diameter (mm)
Effective stroke (mm) Flow rate (/min)  Syringe material Weight (kg)
5 0.35 51.97 0.764 nl-7.64 µl Glass syringe Controller 0.8
Drive unit 0.6
10 0.5 50.93 1.559 nl-15.59 µl
25 0.8 49.74 3.989 nl-39.89 µl
50 1.1 52.61 7.544 nl-75.44 µl
100 1.6 49.74 15.96 nl-159.6 µl
250 2.3 60.17 32.98 nl-329.8 µl
500 3.25 60.27 65.85 nl-658.5 µl
1000 4.61 59.91 132.5 nl-1325 µl
Weight 0.8 kg
CE marking Yes
Size (Length) 170 mm
Size (Height) 65 mm
Size (Width) 108 mm
Title Type Size Download
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