PharMed BPT (6 pcs. - Tube Length: 400 mm)

PharMed BPT (6 pcs. - Tube Length: 400 mm)

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PharMed BPT micro-flow tubing with welded stoppers

PharMed BPT is ideal tubing for foodstuffs, cell cultures, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

The PharMed  BPT tubing have 3 welded stoppers for autoclaving.

Quantity: 6 pcs.
Length: 400 mm.
Stoppers: 3 pcs. 


  • Recommended for cell cultures and tissues
  • Appropriate for use in medical products and foodstuffs
  • Non-toxic and non-hemolytic
  • Ideal for production filtration, fermentation and bioreactor process lines
  • Impermeable to normal light and UV radiation
  • Low particle spallation
  • Can be autoclaved repeatedly
  • Meets USP Class VI, FDA and NSF criteria
  • Withstands repeated CIP and SIP cleaning and sterilisation
  • Very long service life


  • Potential leaching of additives (lubricants)

Technical information

  • Firm, opaque, beige colour
  • Thermoplastic polypropylene-based elastomer.

Operating temperature range

-60 °C to +135 °C (-75 °F to 275 °F)


  • Vacuum: Excellent
  • Sterile media: Excellent
  • Alkaline solutions: Good
  • Acids: Good
  • Viscous media: Good
  • Solvents: Not recommended
  • Pressure: Not recommended

Complies with the following standards

FDA 21CFR177.2600
U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI
NSF listed (Standard 51)


  • Autoclavable with steam, 30 minutes at 1 bar (15 psi) and 141 °C (250 °F)
  • Gas sterilisation with ethylene oxide.
  • Sterilisation with radiation up to 2.5 mrad.
  • Special tubing version with welded stoppers for autoclaving

Odour and taste



Non-toxic and non-hemolytic

Tubing life

at 0 bar: 1000+ hours
at 0.7 bar: 1000 hours

Certificates FDA 21CFR177.2600, U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI, NSF listed (Standard 51)
Autoclavable Yes
Colour Beige
Size (Length) 400 mm