Viton / Fluran F-5500-A tubing (7.5 m)

Viton / Fluran F-5500-A tubing (7.5 m)

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Viton / Fluran F-5500-A tubing (7.5 m)

Viton® / Fluran® is a special tubing for concentrated acids and corrosive solvents.


  • High chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Wide temperature range


  • Limited lifetime

Physical characteristics

  • Fluorpolymerelastomer
  • Solid, opaque, black

Operating temperature range

-31 °C to +204 °C (-25 °F to +400 °F)


Acids: excellent
Solvents: limited
Alkaline solutions: excellent
Vacuum: good
Pressure: not recommended
Viscous media: good
Sterile media: fair

Meets the following standards



Not recommended

Tubing life

At 0 bar: 150 hours
At 0.7 bar: 90 hours

Autoclavable No
Colour Black
Size (Length) 7,5 Meters