Norprene A-60-G tubing (15 m)

Norprene A-60-G tubing (15 m)

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High performance tubing for industrial use with high temperature capability and outstanding resistance to flexural fatigue


  • Offering the longest life with good flow consistency
  • Superior weathering
  • Good resistance to acids and alkaline chemicals
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Outstanding resistance to flexural fatigue
  • Non-ageing and non-oxidising
  • Low gas permeability compared to rubber tubing
  • Ozone (300 pphm) and UV-resistant
  • Ideal for use in vacuum system


  • Potential leaching of blend material

Technical information

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Thermoplastic elastomer based on polypropylene
  • Firm, opaque, black
  • Operating temperature range -60 °C to +135 °C (-75 °F to 275 °F)


Acids: Excellent
Alkaline solutions: Excellent
Solvents: Not recommended
Pressure: Not recommended
Vacuum: Good
Viscous media: Excellent
Sterile media: Not recommended

Meets the following standards



Not recommended

Smell and taste

Must not be used with foodstuffs, beverages and drugs.


Must not be used with foodstuffs, beverages and drugs.

Tubing life

at 0 bar: 1000+ hours
at 0.7 bar: 1000 hours

Certificates None