LONGER - Footswitch for tube tumps

LONGER - Footswitch for tube tumps

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This footswitch can be used for controlling tube pumps from LONGER.


  1. Plug the DB15 connector into the external port on the back of the peristaltic pump.
  2. When the pump is turned on, its initial state is stopped.
  3. When you press the footswitch the pump runs, and when you release the footswitch it stops.

Compatible footswitches and pumps

Footswitch e Tube Pump
 LP-JK-2  LP-FK-1C
 LP-JK-3  LP-BT100-2J, LP-BT300-2J, LP-BT600-2J, LP-WT600-2J, LP-BT100-1F, LP-BT300-1F, LP-WT600-1F
 LP-JK-8  LP-YT600-1J
 LP-JK-9  LP-WT600-3J, LP-WT600-4F