LP-DG Micro Flow Pump Head

LP-DG Micro Flow Pump Head

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Pump Heads for Small Flow Rates and Multi-Channel Fluid Transfer

The LP-DG series pump heads are designed for small flow rates and multi-channel fluid transfer.
It is easy to change and fix the tubing and the occlusion can be adjusted slightly.
The rollers on the pump head are made from high quality materials.
The pump head consists of a base, rotor assembly and easily dismounted cartridge.


  • Multi-channel transfer
  • Change tubing easily
  • Fix tubing easily
  • Occlusion can be adjusted slightly with ratchet wheel to meet different tubing wall thickness requirements
  • 6-roller and 10-roller pump heads available.
  • More rollers reduce pulsation and flow rates slightly.
  • Skilful trigger design, convenient to open the cartridges (LP-DG-1 and LP-DG-2)
  • Rollers are made with 316 stainless steel which is chemically resistant to organic solutions, acid and alkali.


Type Flow rate (ml/min) Speed
Tubing Roller
Weight (kg)
6 rollers 10 rollers 6 rollers 10 rollers
LP-DG-1 0.0025-48
(per channel)
(per channel)
≤100 POM  Inner diameter: 
 ≤ 3.17 mm
Wall thickness: 
 0.8-1 (mm)
SS 0.2 0.21
LP-DG-2 0.26 0.27
LP-DG-4 0.39 0.4
LP-DG-6 0.51 0.54
LP-DG-8 0.63 0.67
LP-DG-12 0.88 0.95


Installing the tubing on a DG pump head

Choose the right tubing

This pump head use micro-flow tubing with stoppers.
Use the Flow Rate Curves (see the pictures) to select the correct tubing for your purpose.

CE marking Yes