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Tygon MHLL (6 pcs - tube length: 300mm)

Part Number Tygon MHLL (6 pcs)
Tygon MHLL (6 pcs - tube length: 300mm)

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Tygon MHLL is chemically resistant to acetone, MEK and other aggressive solvents (2 stoppers)


Tygon MHLL is a long-life tubing that is chemically resistant to acetone, MEK and other aggressive solvents.

• Dual-layered tubing material
• Pairs chemical resistance and long-life

Tygon MHLL is a unique tubing material, comprised of an inner layer of Tygon MH and an outer layer of PharMed®. This combination helps ensure excellent chemical resistance (except for hydrocarbons and strong ketones) as well as long service life.

 Available as Stopper Tubing for use with MS/CA cassettes.

Additionally, this material offers both FDA approval as well as USP Class VI approval, making it a material of choice for more demanding life-science applications.

This tubing only has two stoppers.

Quantity: 6 pcs.
Length: 300 mm

• Free of plasticisers
• Long life
• Smooth inner bore
• Low sorption maintains fluid integrity
• Suitable for MEK, acetone and other corrosive solvents
• Minimal adhesion and diffusion

• Available only as stopper tubing
• Cannot be repeatedly sterilised

Physical properties
• Special thermoplastic of high purity
• Environmental-friendly disposal
• Flexible, firm and opaque
• Without additives
• Without plasticisers

Operating temperature range: -70 °C to +74 °C (-94 °F to +165 °F)

Pumping and dosing of acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

Acids: excellent
Alkaline solutions: excellent
Solvents: excellent
Viscous media: good
Sterile media: good
Vacuum: good
Pressure: not recommended

Complies with the following standards:
USP Pharmacopoeia Class VI
FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600

Autoclavable with steam, 30 minutes at 1 bar (15 psi) and 121 °C (250 °F).
Gas sterilisation with ethylene oxide
Sterilisation with radiation up to 2.5 mrad
Warning: Cannot be repeatedly sterilised

Tubing life:
At 0 bar: 800+ hours
At 0.7 bar: 800+ hours

Product data sheet
Data sheet for Norprene Chemical (the material is the same as Tygon MHLL)


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