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Slip-On Tube Stops (LP-TS-Y-20: Yellow Tube Stops (Tubing: ID 3 x WT 1))

Part Number LP-TS-Y-20
Slip-On Tube Stops (LP-TS-Y-20: Yellow Tube Stops (Tubing: ID 3 x WT 1))

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Slip-On Tube Stops for micro-flow peristaltic tubing


Slip-On Tube Stops can easily and quickly be mounted on peristaltic tubing to make a custom peristaltic tubing set with stoppers. Tubing with stoppers are used in micro flow pump heads with cassettes.

Slip-On Tube Stops are an economical alternative to peristaltic tubing with mounted stoppers. They can be used on peristaltic micro-flow tubing with a wall thickness of 0,8-1 mm. Keep in mind to use tubing suited for use in a peristaltic pump.

Quantity: 20 pcs/bag

Sizes of Slip-On Tube Stops:
LP-TS-BL-20: Black slip-on tube stops, Tubing size: ID 0.5 x WT 0.86
LP-TS-B-20: Blue slip-on tube stops, Tubing size: ID 1 x WT 1

LP-TS-R-20: Red slip-on tube stops, Tubing size: ID 2 x WT 1 or ID 2.4 x WT 0.86
LP-TS-Y-20: Yellow slip-on tube stops, Tubing size: ID 3 x WT 1

ID: Inner Diameter
WT: Wall Thickness

The adjustable tube stops are color-coded by size to minimize errors.

  1. Start by inserting tweezers into the tube stop.
  2. Open the tweezers to enlarge the hole of the tube stop.
  3. Slip the tubing through the tube stop. 
  4. Slide it into the proper position and remove the tweezers.
  5. Place the second tube stop in the same way with the proper stop distance to match the cassette on the pump head. 
  6. A custom tube set is ready to go.
The slip-on tube stops can be used with several different pump head series, e.g. DG, WX10, MC and MS/CA cassettes.


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