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LP-TJ-3A/W0109-1B Syringe pump

Part Number LP-TJ-3A/W0109-1B
LP-TJ-3A/W0109-1B Syringe pump

Single channel micro-syringe pump with infusion/withdrawal mode. Flow rate: 0.764 µl-52.94 ml/min


The LP-TJ-3A/W0109-1B single channel micro-syringe pump has infusion/withdrawal mode and combines precision, compact size and multiple functions with ease of operation.

It can hold millilitre unit standard syringes.

Its accurate distance control and broad linear speed range (7.94 µm/min-79.4 mm/min) can meet versatile requirements and and is suitable for various research fields.

The drive unit is independent making it is easy to combine and install.

•  Max. infusion distance: 90 mm
•  Acceptable syringe: 5 µl-60 ml
•  Linear speed:  7.94 µm/min-79.4 mm/min
•  Adjusting resolution: 7.94 µm/min
•  Distance resolution: 0.165 μm
•  Linear force:  > 90 N
•  Operating mode: Membrane keypad and rotary encoded switch
•  Accuracy:  ≤± 0.5% error in the condition of ≥30% of max. infusion distance
•  Display:  128×64 graphic LCD
•  External control: Start/stop control, fast forward control, fast reverse control
•  Communication interface:  RS485
•  Power:  AC 90V-240V or DC 12V
•  Power consumption:  ≤ 10W
•  Operating condition:  Temperature 0-40°C Relative humidity < 80 %
•  Controller dimensions (L×W×H): 170×108×65 (mm)
•  Controller weight: 0.8 kg
•  Drive unit dimensions (L×W×H): 245×100×95 (mm)
•  Drive unit weight: 1.3 kg  

Functions and features

Work mode:

Infusion, withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion and continuous.

User-defined syringes:
Save 4 inner diameters of user-defined syringe barrel.

Memory function:
Select resume operation or remain stopped when power returns after an interruption.

Signal output:
Start/stop output, cw/ccw output (open collector).

Acquire accurate volume through calibration.

Fast forward & fast reverse:
Infusion or withdrawal at the max. speed.

Syringe pump  Glass syringe (ml) Barrel inner
diameter (mm)
Effective stroke (mm) Flow rate (/min)  Syringe  Weight (kg)
LP-TJ-3A/W0109-1B 1 4.7 57 0.139µl-1.39ml Glass syringe
Plastic syringe 
Controller 0.9
Drive unit 1.3
2 9 31.2 0.509µl-5.09ml
5 13.1 37.1 1.070µl-10.7m
10 14.8 58.2 1.364µl-13.64ml
20 19 70.1 2.265µl-22.65ml
30 23 72 3.307µl-33.07ml
60 29.1 89.96 5.294µl-52.94ml

EUR 2,258.07

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