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Drifton 206-DAB 2C dispenser

Part Number DRIFTON 206-DAB
Drifton 206-DAB 2C dispenser

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4 kg.

Pneumatic two-component dispenser for double cartridges


The pneumatic Drifton 206-DAB double cartridge liquid dispenser is equipped with a light-weight compact pneumatic anodised aluminum pressure cylinder, which is used to dispense two-component adhesives from a 50 ml double cartridge.

Depending on the ratio between the resin and the hardener the double cartridges are available in sizes 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 or 10:1. Changing cartridges is easily done with the quick adapter.

*Product no. Drifton 206-DAB ratio guide
Drifton 206-DAB-ES01 with 1:1 double cartridge
Drifton 206-DAB-ES02 with 2:1 double cartridge
Drifton 206-DAB-ES04 with 4:1 double cartridge
Drifton 206-DAB-ES10 with 10:1 double cartridge

The Drifton 206-DAB has a vacuum control to keep thin fluids from dripping and is used for all fluids and applications, such as dots, beads or fills.

The Drifton 206-DAB only requires simple training, and can be used as a timed or steady operation dispenser. It is easy to use with a foot pedal.
Operation specifications
Control: Pneumatic and electronic
Operating model: Manual and timer
Leak-proof function: Rapid emptying device
Cycle initiate: Foot pedal
Feed systems: From double syringe
Dispense time display: None
Air pressure display: Analog display
Vacuum display: None
Dispensing time: 0.01-31 seconds
Repeatability: +/-0.5%
Frequency: >600 times/minute
Air output: 0.1 bar-7 bar
Air input: 1-7 bar

Operating conditions:
Temperature: 5˚C to 45˚C (41˚F-113˚F)
Humidity: 85% RH at 30˚C non-condensing
Adapter: 1 pcs
Double casing depending on ratio*: 1 pcs
Foot pedal: 1 pcs
Power cord: 1 pcs
Air hose: 1 pcs

Basic specifications:
Standards: CE approved
Power: Input voltage. 110V AC or 220V AC/50 Hz
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 241x210x70 mm
Operating voltage 24V DC

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