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Tapered dispensing tips

Tapered plastic dispensing tips with a double threaded universal safety luer lock

The Drifton tapered dispensing tip is designed with a double threaded universal safety luer lock to provide a secure connection to industrial syringe barrels or dispensing valves.

These tapered dispensing tips are silicone and chloride free and have a smooth internal fluid path to ensure an accurate flow for repeat dispensing without air entrapment or dripping fluid.

The flexible standard tapered dispensing tips, are made of polyethylene with added UV-light block.

The 31.75 mm long standard tapered dispensing tips are recommended for applications with cyanoacrylate gels, UV-cure adhesives, sealants, greases and particle-filled materials or medium-viscosity to high-viscosity fluid.

Standard tapered dispensing tips:

Gauge   Colour ID mm Flexible
14    Oliver 1,50 PTT-F-14
16   Grey 1,20 PTT-F-16
18   Green 0,84 PTT-F-18
20   Pink 0,63 PTT-F-20
22   Blue 0,41 PTT-F-22
25   Red 0,28 PTT-F-25

Tapered dispensing tips

Tapered dispensing tips, 31.75mm
Tapered plastic dispensing tips for particle-filled materials or medium- to high-viscosity fluids
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